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SPNR - Earlybird SPNR - Earlybird

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


I would have to say that I enjoyed most of the track. The remaster is very pleasing to the ears. This song took me on a slight emotional journey.

Haha cheesy stuff aside, it is a very solid mix. I do have some notes for you though:
-First off, all the instruments sound very clear. Nothing is too trebly or bassy, but the thing that bothered me is that there is almost no sign of the bass frequencies (I'm not sure if that was intentional or not). I just now stumbled on to this track so I have not heard the original master, but I think EQing of the track isolated the bass frequencies. I'm not saying the this is a bad thing either, but I usually prefer "bassiness" to balance out the track. Nonetheless, this is not a major issue.
-Haha 133 is such an odd bpm to choose
-At 1:44 the delayed crash seemed to drift off-beat. Try manipulating the sample to try avoiding processed crashes that already have a fixed BPM on it.
-I like the slight changes that happen in the middle of the mix such as adding the faint melody in the background.
-I also like that the kick drum does not overwhelm the track, showing that you have mixed smartly.

It is a very good piece of music. I am impressed because I do not see much on newgrounds that is worth listening to, but this track is another exception. So I hope to hear more works from you in the future. Keep producing!

Faved and Fived,

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AlexCo responds:

:D Thanks alot man!

I had issues with the bass to start with, it was too loud and didn't fit at first, so I lowered the cut off and made it fainter, since I couldn't create one that would fit.

I laughed at the BPM :P You have to be unique... somehow. :P I'm sure its mixable :D

I attempted to fix that crash that you mentioned, adding a delay and manipulating the time-scale but it didn't work I guess.

I'm really grateful you reviewed, I've enjoyed all your tracks and to me, you're one of the handful on this site who really know what they are doing.

Thanks again! :)

Blarsa - One Night Stand Blarsa - One Night Stand

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Aha :D

I don't know what makes this track so awesome: the groovy beat.... or the hysterical vocals.

What really blows up is how simple the tune is, but at the same time so bangin'....
A few notes:
-At some parts the bass, I feel, sounds a little like a video game.
-The kick drum does it's job, but a longer bass tone on the kick would give the song a more booming feel.
-I can't help but laugh at the quote "I want dick." and have it heard with such a hardcore voice is funny. Did you do the vocals yourself?

Anywho, I give this song a high score because I think it's funny. I feel like it really punches the cliche of sexual overtones in the face. Nicely done!


blarsa responds:

hah, thanks for the lengthy review. All vocals are original (except the woman moaning and the bleeding vagina).

About the song being simple, I always find myself adding way too many instruments to a song. In this track I wanted to limit myself to a few and work exclusively with those. I think it turned out pretty alright!

.HLS. Brazil RMX .HLS. Brazil RMX

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Ha ha YES!

I've been listening to the orginal track everyday for half a year now and to this see this covered by another is a pretty good feeling considering that it is also a pretty nice cover. Great job on getting the notes perfect.

Some notes:
-Good use of delay on the breakdown, but it seemed like it was a little overwhelming, maybe try to make it so the higher frequencies are only caught by the delay instead of the lower ones (Try not to add delay to bass ;) ).
-I didn't really notice any change in the drum patterns throughout the whole song, try throwing in some variations in the high hats and through a little shaker groove in there and it would really blow this track up.

This one is a really good cover of the Dmau5' version, there isn't really much else to say because it is a very noticeable shadow under the original. I enjoyed this a lot, but I hope to see some original work by you in the near future. Keep dancing!


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heartless1298 responds:

Wow dude, thanks so much for the helpful and encouraging review!! I'll be sure to use those suggestions in my next song. I should probably add that this is the first time that I've done a song like this.

Again, thanks for the review!!

Blue Rose &amp;lt;3MAC09 Blue Rose <3MAC09

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Beautiful progression!

I love the minimal drum approach in this one because all the atmosphere makes up for it. It is an amazing trip. The piano riff is really ear-catching, but what I really can dig is the arps of the track.

Some suggestions:
-If you added soft pads on the breakdown at around 1:25, I think the song would really shine.
-It would be awesome if you played a little chords on the piano, but then again the single note approach suits the song well.

I mean this song really takes me away and I hope to hear more from you in the future. I was also thinking, if it's cool with you, if i can do a remix of this track. Please let me know what you would think of that as soon as you can, I got lots of ideas.


EchozAurora responds:


Because you're amazing. lol

I'mma send ya a PM. Also.. I'll probably redo this eventually down the road myself incorporating all the feedback I'm getting on it. Great stuff.

Thanks for the review!

Deadmau5ish Deadmau5ish

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Not Exactly!!!

I am starting to see that NG is starting to catch on to Deadmau5's sound and you seemed to nail this on the head. It's good to see the stabby bass in this one, much like Deadmau5's track "Not Exactly" from 2007

Some notes:
-This electro portion of your upcoming track needs a little more atmosphere like bassy tones and hi noise, but it also sounds very minimal from the way you did it already, so you can choose to keep that way or not.
-The rising parts of the synth needs a little more "Umph" to it, something with more treble going with the bass also, but you can decide how to figure that out it's your song.

I mean, in all, I can totally see where this song is going and I understand that it is not finished. I am very eager to hear the full version. I am a huge Deadmau5 fan and a lot of my songs are inspired from him, in fact I'm releasing a song soon with his Progressive House style.

Please feel free to notify me when the track is finished.


P.S. What program are you using? I'm using Reason 4 (Maybe we can trade patches and collab?)

Morvan responds:

Yeah, the thing is that it should be a rather quiet part for the song instead of a real Climax, that's why I made it this way: minimal electro house.

I'm using Cubase & FL Studio. Never used collab, I don't even know how that works^^ Care to explain?


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Nice one

Did you sample these drums from Deadmau5's "Faxing Berlin" because the only thing missing is the cowbell? Anyway for a dying computer this was a decent track, it was a bit repetitve though

Mid-Night responds:

This is a horrible song.

Body Rock [ViZ] - NG MiX Body Rock [ViZ] - NG MiX

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Right on! Nice little vocal mix!

A very drum minimal track. I heard some great use of vocals in this track, not too generous or too little, just right.

Some notes:
-Again with the square bass, it's a very catchy bassline.
-I like how you focused on the atmosphere of the song by using some arpy saws and pads sprinkled through parts of the song.
-A lot of the song was missing some percussion especially at 1:53 so i wasn't really feeling the climax of the song, but then again it's very minimal and that's what kids are into these days huh?

It's a great song overall, but I'm not too sure if the song was quite finished. I love this one and I would like to hear your full mix. I have been hearing a great selection from you lately.

Oh would it be cool if you checked out my latest track, it would be awesome if I got your feedback. Thanks!


DJ-VIZ responds:

yeah I wasn't happy with the climax myself, but its fixed in the other version :P glad you like my stuff esp. coming from another top house producer on the portal. thanks for the rev

Bring on the House- ViZ -PREV Bring on the House- ViZ -PREV

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Excellent sequencing!

I like your style a lot. Really digging the square bass. The drums and percussion are really groovy. I know it's just a preview but I'm anticipating the release of this track. Nice work!

DJ-VIZ responds:

thanks man... I love any deep square bass, so I use them all in my electro tracks... Glad you like it...I'll let you know when the fulls many tracks in the making, its taking some time!

That Sequence (Live Mix) That Sequence (Live Mix)

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Now this is a something here

This is a really groovin' track, very chill. Something worthy of listening to I can see your progression from your track before this one and it's a pretty major improvement.

A lot of good things here:
-The drums and percussion set a good atmosphere along with the scratch loop. Did you use drum loops?
-It's pretty well structured, the build-up and breakdown was solid.
-Good use of pads and effects.

I gotta hand it to you, if you said you were trying to get good, you getting there pretty fast.

Oh ya and some things to improve on:
-Try having more reverb and delay on the main lead.
-You're missing a bassline, you need a bassline, something catchy and low.
-The beat got repetitive in the middle, through in some crashes and claps as you build up.

It's pretty cool song, try some of my suggestions and see if they make the song better. I hope to see and original mix of this one day.


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Airprogressive responds:

Thanks!! Good suggestions man. I will try them for sure.

I don't know when, but one day there's going to be an original mix of this track with those improvings you mentioned. I will send you a PM that day

[GF]sitwocRM[GF] [GF]sitwocRM[GF]

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Perfect Electro Remix!!!

This is a good example of Electro House here in NG.

The high notes fit perfectly well with the low bass notes. The bassline is very catchy. I'm really digging the sound design of the synths and bass.

The drums weren't bad, love the bass drums, did you create the samples yourself? I also like the fact that you were very minimal with the high hats, you stuck to the same ones which suits the song and genre.

You also did a great job presenting the singers voice. The effects were cool, but I would like to see more clear echoes.

I think you did a great job with the track, and I'm glad you made this a sort of radio edit, a lot of people in NG, unlike me and others, get bored with the DJ friendly intros added.

You really show how most electro house tracks should be!

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GroundForce responds:

thank you very much for your review BC!!!