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this was great and well animated for it's time.

That pretty much sums up a GTA IV Experience.

This cartoon pretty much explains what happens to you the minute you start up the game. Funny ass cartoon. Love this one and love the awesome series. Keep it up!

"...........Ok maybe some other time."

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A solid TechHouse vibe...

I'm not going to lie, this track has a very catchy tune to it. It is very energetic. I especially like the clicky percussion that you used. The whole thing sounds very alive.

Time for me to get critical:
-The mixing sounds OK, I could hear a lot of things where they should be, but this upload seems to be a little under EQed, the middle frequencies seem to be over-whelming the bass and high frequencies. So the main instrument seems to undermine the bass instrument and the drum instruments.
-I like the break at 1:16 and comeback at 1:46, but it felt like the comeback wasn't as strong as it should've been with a strong transition before it, maybe a subtle crash or complicated percussion programming could do it justice.

I like this remix a lot, it's full in energy and tone, but the mixing and mastering needs a little more work, or maybe it's just the bitrate that you uploaded to us is a little low. I hope to here more work like this on NG!


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I would have to say that I enjoyed most of the track. The remaster is very pleasing to the ears. This song took me on a slight emotional journey.

Haha cheesy stuff aside, it is a very solid mix. I do have some notes for you though:
-First off, all the instruments sound very clear. Nothing is too trebly or bassy, but the thing that bothered me is that there is almost no sign of the bass frequencies (I'm not sure if that was intentional or not). I just now stumbled on to this track so I have not heard the original master, but I think EQing of the track isolated the bass frequencies. I'm not saying the this is a bad thing either, but I usually prefer "bassiness" to balance out the track. Nonetheless, this is not a major issue.
-Haha 133 is such an odd bpm to choose
-At 1:44 the delayed crash seemed to drift off-beat. Try manipulating the sample to try avoiding processed crashes that already have a fixed BPM on it.
-I like the slight changes that happen in the middle of the mix such as adding the faint melody in the background.
-I also like that the kick drum does not overwhelm the track, showing that you have mixed smartly.

It is a very good piece of music. I am impressed because I do not see much on newgrounds that is worth listening to, but this track is another exception. So I hope to hear more works from you in the future. Keep producing!

Faved and Fived,

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AlexCo responds:

:D Thanks alot man!

I had issues with the bass to start with, it was too loud and didn't fit at first, so I lowered the cut off and made it fainter, since I couldn't create one that would fit.

I laughed at the BPM :P You have to be unique... somehow. :P I'm sure its mixable :D

I attempted to fix that crash that you mentioned, adding a delay and manipulating the time-scale but it didn't work I guess.

I'm really grateful you reviewed, I've enjoyed all your tracks and to me, you're one of the handful on this site who really know what they are doing.

Thanks again! :)

Aha :D

I don't know what makes this track so awesome: the groovy beat.... or the hysterical vocals.

What really blows up is how simple the tune is, but at the same time so bangin'....
A few notes:
-At some parts the bass, I feel, sounds a little like a video game.
-The kick drum does it's job, but a longer bass tone on the kick would give the song a more booming feel.
-I can't help but laugh at the quote "I want dick." and have it heard with such a hardcore voice is funny. Did you do the vocals yourself?

Anywho, I give this song a high score because I think it's funny. I feel like it really punches the cliche of sexual overtones in the face. Nicely done!


blarsa responds:

hah, thanks for the lengthy review. All vocals are original (except the woman moaning and the bleeding vagina).

About the song being simple, I always find myself adding way too many instruments to a song. In this track I wanted to limit myself to a few and work exclusively with those. I think it turned out pretty alright!


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